Andrew Paik

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Hello! My name is Andrew Paik. I am originally from Diamond Bar, a suburb in Southern California near Los Angeles. I attended the University of Notre Dame studying Neuroscience while on the premed track. I was drawn to BSVM because I recognized that it was an opportunity for me to expand my worldview on social injustices and to grow as a person by living simply and by serving others. During my service at BSVM, I hope to solidify my desire to live my life as a representative of Christ’s love and to use the experiences I have this year as reminder to hold to my convictions in whatever I do in the future.

Whenever I have free time, I like to play soccer, hike, swim, or snowboard. When my inner couch potato takes over, I also find myself binging Netflix shows or playing online games with friends. Sometimes I like to just lay down and blankly stare at the ceiling (Trust me, the best naps come from this). Recently, I’ve also randomly developed an addiction to making guacamole and a big summer insight of mine is that Chipotle is ripping you off. I am excited to work with and serve the people of Richmond and I can’t wait to see what new lessons I will learn this year!