Sara Snowden

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Hello! I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and loved having the chance to grow up in the Pacific Northwest. I have two older sisters who look super similar to me, when we are together we are often asked if we are triplets or twins even though there are seven years between us. Growing up I loved being outside and exploring, having so much water in the form of lakes, the ocean and rain around inspired a love of nature and the outdoors. I love cooking and trying new foods from around the world and love reading and trying out new recipes whenever I can. Watching cooking shows or competitions is something I do to relax and learn new recipes too. Another hobby I have is playing sports and being active. Growing up I loved playing basketball and running track in high school and still enjoy playing pick up sports like soccer and frisbee with my friends.

I am very close with my family and love spending time with them and my new nephew Luca! All of my family now lives in Seattle so it’s very fun to get to see them all the time when I am home. My favorite holiday is Easter, because of all the fun spring foods and sunshine. In college at Santa Clara University I majored in Public Health and Biology and minored in Women and Gender Studies. I love learning new ideas and perspectives and am excited to continue to find and explore new passions in the future!