We are a small, focused, intentional community. We radically love our neighbors and know that our volunteers both extend and receive compassion, healing, and liberation.

  • The Sisters of Bon Secours have had a presence in Southwest Baltimore and Richmond for many years. This means there are well-established relationships already formed in the communities in which volunteers live and serve. This commitment to the local communities of Southwest Baltimore and East Richmond is the reason why we have chosen for our volunteers to live in the same neighborhood where they serve.


  • Our focus on healthcare makes us different. We offer our volunteers the opportunity to work directly in the Bon Secours Mercy Health System and affiliated organizations.  In recent years, volunteers interested in healthcare have ministered in Patient Advocacy, in the Emergency, Renal, and Behavioral Health Departments, in Community Nutrition, Diabetes Education, Family Health and Wellness, and on the Inpatient Floors at Richmond Community Hospital.


  • The pillar grow spiritually is the foundation for all of our other pillars.  Our formation interfaces Catholic Social Teaching and prayer with the experiences our volunteers have at their work sites. We structure the year so that the pillar of grow spiritually is deliberately practiced in every day life. One example of this is that our volunteers come together for prayer and reflection twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

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