Bon Secours Young Adult Ministry


  • Centered in God

    We have a new video for you to watch and share with your friends. How centered in God do you feel? Here at Bon Secours we are here to be Good Help in keeping your relationship with God at the center of all you do and are. Connect with us.


  • Making Difficult Choices

    We know that life is full of hard choices. We can feel paralyzed, anxious, not wanting to make the wrong choice. But, making choices doesn’t have to be so hard. You can do it alone or you can prayerfully walk through the questions with a mentor, seek out the deeper “why” with a trusted friend, and rely on the support of a community. Feel free to connect with us.


  • Picture Yourself. Your authentic self.

    We are here to bring God’s healing, compassion, and liberation to people in need. Does that sound like a part of your most authentic self? If it does, connect with us. Next week we will be back with another video about Making Difficult Choices.


  • Belonging

    Happy Easter! We want to continue to bring you a little extra inspiration, and another invitation to connect with Bon Secours, so we have posted another short video for you to enjoy. One of the greatest gifts Jesus’ resurrection brings to us is the gift of belonging and at Bon Secours we take belonging seriously (but not too seriously!). Check back next week for another video on being your authentic self!

  • Making a difference in the world…

    During this holiest of weeks, we want to bring you a little extra inspiration, and a little extra invitation to connect with Bon Secours. We hope this short reflective video will be just the boost you need. We also invite you to check back next week for another video boost of inspiration on “Belonging.”

We are called by God and sent by the Church to reproduce in ourselves:
Christ healing... Christ consoling... Christ always aware of the needs of others.