Sisters of Bon Secours USA Statement Condemning the Killing of George Floyd

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

If we take time to listen to this nation’s wounds, they tell us where to look for hope.”

Reverend William J.  Barber

June 1, 2020

With countless people in our nation and around the world the Sisters of Bon Secours condemn the killing of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement and the racism that led to his death. Our nation is grievously wounded and divided by this disease we name as our nation’s “original sin”. The painful pangs of grief, anger and frustration that fill our hearts enable us to cry out with others against the injustice of racism that has ended the life of George Floyd and far too many other people of color in the United States of America.

We join the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in acknowledging our own complicity in institutional racism; we ask forgiveness of our sisters and brothers of color; and pray for our nation’s healing. With LCWR we pledge to raise our voices and to act now to end this scourge which has cost us so dearly.

As women of healing, who believe that the struggle for a more humane world is not an option, we re-commit ourselves to bring healing to the disease of racism in our own hearts, in our communities, our country and our world.  With audacious hope we hold fast to the belief that our loving God will give us the grace to listen to our nation’s wounds, to engage this struggle together and do our part to dismantle racism forever.

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