Our Prayer Life

God is at the center of our lives as Sisters of Bon Secours. Our Spirituality Statement clearly defines our way of life. Our life as sisters is sustained by God’s call to be in relationship and to spend time in prayer with God. This personal relationship maintains us in continuous awareness of God and enables us to live in Christ and to respond to God’s will. The Eucharist is the source of our unity with one another. Our life is also marked by a shared faith life that includes praying together and the Liturgy of the Hours. Together we participate daily in the prayer of the Church. Each sister makes an annual spiritual retreat and also takes time throughout the year for times of reflection and prayer.

As Sisters of Bon Secours, we find Jesus in those we are sent to minister to.

Bon Secours’ Common Vision

We are women of prayer whose vibrant, hope filled faith communities draw new sisters and others to share in innovative ways our Charism of compassion, healing, and liberation . As prophetic women totally committed to do justice in radical solidarity with the poor, the suffering and those most in need, we proclaim the Gospel where it is not. Our witness to God’s presence is marked by a passionate spirit and enthusiasm for the kingdom.

Your Personal Retreat

Each year we create a prayer booklet for those who minister with us and for those of you who visit with us on line.  For 2017 year we created a personal retreat booklet for you.  Below are links to the previous retreats as well.