The Journey Within

As you begin your journey reflecting on the experiences of your life thus far, you will find there is much you will learn! It is a good idea to journal your thoughts as you may wish to return to prior reflections as you move forward in the discernment experience.

To begin your contemplation ask yourself:

  • What events stand out in your life where you knew you were at your best?
  • What are the values you hold most dear?
  • What are the truths you stand for?
  • What do you like to do that brings you the most fulfillment?
  • What did you feel like when you failed?
  • What did you learn from these experiences?
  • In what ways do you devote your life to God and others now?
  • What gifts do others see in you?
  • What do you envision yourself doing in the future?

Move through these questions slowly. Don’t worry about answering them all at once. You will need time to think about them. Seek feedback from others who know and understand you — family members, close friends and those you are inspired by.

Continue to pray deeply. Reflect on your personal relationship with God. Listen carefully for God’s gentle voice.

Seek guidance from a spiritual director who can help you interpret what you are feeling.

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