Daily Reflection

Today's Reflection: April 6

Pouring Water on Hands

We are simply asked to make gentle our bruised world.

To be compassionate of all, including oneself,

Then in the time left over to repeat the ancient tale,

And go the way of God’s foolish ones.

adapted from Peter Byrne, S.J.

April 5
Holy Spirit of Wisdom, You refresh us with your life-saving power. You have entrusted us with a share in leadership. Help us to share ideas and plans with ...
April 4
Loving God, you call each of us by name, and you treasure each of us individually as though no one else exists.   Inspire us to respect and to value each ...
April 3
God of perfect freedom, open spaces inside of our minds, our hearts, and our memories, so we can just begin to be free. Do not let me be hardened ...
April 2
To direct the mind towards the basic unity of all things and to divert it from the seizing of differences-- therein lies bliss. Tejo-Bindu Upanishad
April 1
Wrapped with young leaves: the sound of water. Soseki
March 31
How can you follow the course of your life if you do not let it flow? Lao-Tzu
March 30
Our strength will continue if we allow ourselves the courage to feel scared, weak and vulnerable. Melody Beattie
March 29
The spiritual life is about becoming more at home in your own skin. Parker J. Palmer
March 28
Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows. Nisargadatta Maharaj
March 27
Nothing among human things has such power to keep our gaze fixed ever more intently upon God than friendship. Simone Weil
March 26
All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power. Lao-Tzu
March 25
The inner life of any great thing will be incomprehensible to me until I develop and deepen an inner life of my own. Parker J. Palmer
March 24
Loss makes artists of us all as we weave new patterns in the fabric of our lives. Greta W. Crosby
March 23
And you will know exactly who you are, forever, by knowing what it is that you love. Mark Helprin
March 22
Loving God, I pray for courage as I begin this day, for I understand there is work to be done, burdens to be carried, feelings to ...