By extending the healing ministry of Christ to those in need, Bon Secours Volunteers deepen their relationships with God, with self, and with others. At the heart of a Bon Secours Ministry Volunteer’s commitment to full-time service lies a striving to build relationships in the Way of Christ.

Yet, life as a Bon Secours Volunteer is about much more than serving others for a year. Bon Secours Volunteers commit to learn through their service with others. The following reflections demonstrate how much of this learning occurs when our volunteers recognize Christ in the people they serve. Thus, throughout a year of full-time service, Bon Secours volunteers are able to more deeply discover the reciprocal or mutual nature of relationships built through service with others. We explore the dynamic of how sharing Christ’s healing ministry with others leads one to receive Christ’s healing ministry from others, and this exploration enables our volunteers to grow more closely to God, to self, and, of course, to others.

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