Full Application

The full application for our 2024-2025 ministry year is now open!

Be sure to go over the timeline and process for applying before beginning your application. Note: it is preferable that you have already submitted your Interest Form and completed a Preliminary Discussion over the phone before moving to the full application.

Your application consists of five sections:

I. Discernment Statement

II. Resume

III. Reflection Questions

IV. Three References (Employer, Mentor, Peer)

V. Transcript

Full Application

  • I. Discernment & Sharing

    While you are at the beginning of the application process, we ask you to start this journey by actually looking ahead to the end of the application process. In order to fully invest yourself in the application process, please begin to consider the statement of commitment that accompanies an invitation into the community. Each member of Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry signs this statement when they agree to commit to the program for a year of service. An example of this statement follows for your careful consideration. Please check below to indicate that you have read the following sample.
  • As we seek to shape our community for next year, we aim to be as transparent and communicative as possible, and it helps us if applicants do the same. Please tell us about any other post-college opportunities that you are pursuing in addition to BSVM, i.e. other volunteer programs, graduate schools, or employment opportunities that you are considering.
  • II. Your Resume

    Please submit a copy of your resume (no more than two pages) which includes the following: • Contact Information (please include both permanent and school mailing address) • Education: Include schools, fields of study, and graduation date. • Work experience: Include brief description of positions and dates of employment. • Service experience: Include brief description with frequency and dates of service.
  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
    (preferred format: Microsoft Word document)
  • III. Reflection Questions

    In this section, we are interested in learning about you. We want to read about who you are and who you are becoming. Please share about 300 words (approximately half a page, single spaced) for each question, although feel free to use more or less space as needed.
  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
    1) Please describe some of the major people and experiences in your life that have shaped both who you are today and who you are becoming. 2) What have these people and experiences taught you about your strengths and weaknesses? 3) Please describe your past experiences of service. How did you grow and learn? 4) How do you see yourself participating in the Sisters of Bon Secours’ commitment to justice in radical solidarity with the poor, the suffering, and those most in need? 5) When you think about who you are becoming, what are your hopes for a year with Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry?
  • IV. References

    Please provide BSVM with the names and emails of 3 references. Then email (you may copy and paste) the corresponding links to each reference to fill out at their earliest possible convenience. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application is not considered complete until all three references have been received, and interviews will not take place until all references are in. Please plan ahead and allow appropriate time for references to be submitted.
  • An individual who has supervised you in a paid position for at least six months.
  • Email this link to your employer reference: https://bonsecours.us/volunteers/bsvm-employer-reference/
  • An individual who knows you well and can speak to your personal values and character as well as your experiences with service. Examples of a mentor include an adviser, a past volunteer coordinator, a youth minister, a campus minister, a pastor, or a professor.
  • Email this link to your mentor reference: https://bonsecours.us/volunteers/bsvm-mentor-reference/
  • An individual (someone other than a relative or significant other) with whom you have lived for at least a year.
  • Email this link to your peer reference: https://bonsecours.us/volunteers/bsvm-peer-reference/
  • V. Transcript