Our Focus

While participating in a year of service, Bon Secours Ministry Volunteers live together in an intentional community, commit to a simple lifestyle, and reflect on service and justice throughout the year. Volunteers share meals, prayer, social activities, and household chores. All Bon Secours ministry volunteers receive an orientation and participate in three retreats during the year to enrich and deepen their service experience.

Our Requirements

BSVM carefully discerns with prospective applicants to determine whether or not an individual will be a good fit for the BSVM community. Volunteers are typically men and women between 21 and 25 who have recently graduated from college (or have relevant life experiences) and are interested in practicing justice by building relationships based in service. Volunteers must be eligible to work in the U.S., must be in good physical and psychological health, and must be able to serve the full commitment term (from late August through the following July).

Our Benefits

Bon Secours provides housing, medical insurance, a monthly stipend (covering food, household and personal needs), access to transportation, assistance with loan deferment, and anticipate an AmeriCorps Education Award in 2024. There is a well-developed formation program and ample support from staff throughout the year, including individual meetings for processing and reflection in addition to the group formation curriculum. Volunteers always find that they receive a host of other blessings as well, from warm relationships with neighbors, friends, and colleagues, to career experiences that pave the way for future steps, to a sense of home and belonging in their new community.