The Interior Life of Prayer

“Our hearts are restless and will not rest until they rest in you.”
Saint Augustine

Prayer is a dialogue with God, to which we have been invited, that continually deepens our love of God and our understanding of God’s plan for us. We all have our own way of praying. When we pray, our God is fully present to us. God knows and loves us and is listening to us. We learn to listen to God as well!

There are times that we receive insight while we are in prayer. At other times, God’s answers come to us in the daily events of our life. God always answers the deepest longings of our heart when he knows we are ready.

Below are some suggestions on settling yourself in prayer while discerning your purpose in life:

  • Choose a time and comfortable place, free from distractions, where it is quiet. If it is helpful, find a candle or crucifix, a holy card, an Icon of Jesus or Mary, or music that will help you to prayerfully center yourself. Become aware of being in God’s presence. Ask God for the grace you seek during this time of prayer.
  • Reflect on your personal life journey and family history. What are the gifts, skills, and talents that have developed over time? What are your likes and dislikes, what things bring your great joy and happiness? What are the qualities that make you most uniquely YOU?
  • Have a conversation with God. Be completely honest and tell God what is on your mind including any fears, hesitations, excitement, or hopes that you have. Ask God for guidance. Listen within the silence for God’s gentle response.