Our Community Life

We live an everyday life of mutual support and concern for each other. Our core values are centered on Jesus and rooted in charity. Jesus invites us to discipleship. He leads us to a life of inclusiveness and equality.

Community life is more than living together under the same roof. It is about supporting each other and our chosen ministry. We spend quality time together, sharing talents and resources, and dividing household duties. We also have a great deal of fun together, preparing meals, going shopping, seeing a movie, riding bikes, fishing or going to the beach.

We enjoy a community rhythm which includes regular prayer and faith sharing. We balance our common prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours and times of faith sharing with time for personal prayer which includes meditation, Scripture reflections and spiritual reading. We attend Mass individually and as a community.

We even find ways to build community across diverse geographic lines with communities of our sisters located in various states; and internationally. These relationships are expressed through reading groups, conference calls, email correspondence and prayer line;  local and even international gatherings. Our community life is strengthened further when all our sisters in the United States gather twice a year to discuss our common life and mission.

We are called by God to grow our vocation and our spiritual life individually and as a community, all of which spills over to our connectedness to the world community of faith. Our life is shared not just with the other sisters who live with us, and near and far, but also with our Bon Secours family of associates, ministry volunteers, young adult chapters, and co-workers, and our neighbors, parish friends and with those we serve.

It is important to share a life together in the community while still allowing each member of the community to express herself in her own way.