Sisters of Bon Secours Mission Statement

Through the love of the Father
present in the Sisters of Bon Secours, we are called
by God and sent by the Church

To help people to wholeness;
To alleviate human suffering of all forms
especially in the poor and dying;
To help others to an awareness
of the redemptive meaning
of suffering and death—and to an
awareness of their relationship
with the Father.

By…Reproducing in ourselves
Christ healing…
Christ consoling…
Christ loving…

Christ always aware of the needs of others.

Congregation Mission Focus


We, Women of Healing, commit ourselves to defend and care for all of creation; to cry out with others against injustice and all that diminishes life on Earth.


  1. We call each Sister and community to:
    • internalize the Mission Focus Statement through personal prayer and reflection
    • become more informed and aware of ecological issues
    • demonstrate in her lifestyle respect and protection for all of creation.
  2. We call each Country and Country Team to:
    • create a plan of action addressing injustices consistent with the Mission Focus Statement and orientated to the defense of all of life
    • these actions will be performed in collaboration with others and shared at Country Assemblies.
  3. We call on the Congregation Team to:
    • encourage all in the Congregation to embrace the UN Earth Charter and its implications
    • challenge the Congregation International Committees to align their action plan with the Mission Focus Statement
    • invite all of the countries to concretize the Mission Focus Statement, locally and globally.
  4. We call the International Peace and Justice Committee to:
    • create networks with others at all levels
    • prioritize key ecological issues
    • recommend to the Congregation plans for implementation.

We pledge to motivate, support and invite each other to accountability as we individually and communally commit to live out the calls to action flowing from our Mission Focus Statement.