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Associates of Bon Secours

The Associates of the Sisters of Bon Secours were formed to broaden the scope of the laity’s participation within the community of Bon Secours and the Church. Associates are women and men, married or single, religious or clergy, Catholic or from other traditions, who feel called to share the mission of the Sisters of Bon Secours through prayer, service and inclusive fellowship. Associates make a commitment to extend the Bon Secours mission in their particular lives. This relationship to the Sisters is over 30 years old.

Local groups of Associates gather once a month for prayer, faith sharing, and social time in a community context. Some groups meet at the same place each month, while other communities rotate the location among their homes. Both Associates and Sisters are involved with the planning for the gatherings such as the themes, prayer services, and faith sharing ideas.

Although traditionally Bon Secours’ mission was primarily in healthcare, Associates and Sisters today serve as Good Help (the meaning of Bon Secours, from the French) in many different settings. They aspire to be Good Help to Those in Need wherever they are, in their families, places of work, and Church and local communities. They support the mission of the Sisters of Bon Secours by extending the values and spirit of Bon Secours into the wider world. Gathering together once a month for prayer and faith sharing gives strength and mutual support to Associates in their commitment to extending the reign of God by (as stated in the Sisters’ Mission Statement): “Reproducing in ourselves Christ healing…Christ consoling…Christ loving… Christ always aware of the needs of others.”