Next Steps

In addition to starting a discernment process with our vocation director and visits to other religious communities, it is important for you to seek out some hands on experience in the works of the church, perhaps as a volunteer in a shelter, soup kitchen or education program that supports the needs of the under served. You may also be called upon to help those in poor health, the elderly or those with special needs. This will help you to understand your call to serve God’s people as a sister.  If you live close to one of our communities, there could be many opportunities for volunteering in one of our ministries.  We also have a long-weekend volunteer service experiences for women in the summer called  Project Good Help.

See our Vocation Resources section for other volunteer opportunities.

As you move through these good works, continue to pray daily about God’s plan for you. How do you feel about the volunteer work you have been called to? Continue to ask yourself what your deepest desires are. Look at the reality of religious life as it is lived out in ministry on a daily basis.

Do you have a passion to devote your entire life to the service of others? Do you want God to be the center of your life? Does one community feel like a possible fit for you? If your answer is yes, it is time to ask the sisters in the community to consider your application to begin the pre-candidacy program.

Becoming a Sister

At this stage of your discernment experience, if you are feeling more definite about religious life and the Sisters of Bon Secours, we invite you to request becoming a pre-candidate. This is the point where you begin an application process under the guidance of our vocation director.

If you are accepted as a pre-candidate, the vocation director will help you to continue to discern the action of God in your life as you continue to grow in your choice. You will visit the sisters more and learn more about the spirit of our community. You will be afforded many levels of support.