How Will I Know?

Characteristics of a vowed religious:

Are you:

  • Compelled to love God and others?
  • Open to being Spirit-led?
  • Interested in serving the Church?
  • Committed to a life of prayer and spiritual growth?
  • Experiencing a growing comfortableness with faith sharing?
  • Compassionate in working with the poor, the sick, those most vulnerable, the suffering?

Do You…

  • Feel a sense of communion with vowed women religious?
  • Many people who experience a call to become a sister in religious life describe a deep sense of peace, joy, energy, contentment. At the same time, awareness of a call may give way to feelings of inadequacy, fear, or doubt. These emotions are normal. Move past them with deepening prayer and continue on following where God is leading you. It is important to talk with your spiritual director and vocation director about these feelings to bring them into the light and determine where they are coming from: yourself, God or even the dark spirit.
  • Remember, God loves you and wants the best for you. You were born into this world, as a child of God with your own original gifts. God is guiding you on this journey and you are free to make you own decisions every step of the way.
  • No one knows what the future holds. However, we are all called upon to make our own decisions and take risks. If you are being called to religious life, you will recognize a feeling of readiness at some point in the spiritual journey. A sense of freedom and anticipation. Then you will know it is time to move ahead to the next step with the religious community you are most inspired by.