O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Sunday, December 3, 2023

A four-year-old girl walked by the creche before Christmas, inspecting it carefully. “Where’s Jesus?” An innocent yet profound observation from a pre-kindergartener. Where is Jesus in your life? Where is He right now? It’s an exciting time to think about that as we wait for the birth of Our Lord. The four weeks of Advent isn’t long, but that still leaves plenty of time to spend some quiet time preparing for Jesus’ coming. (Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as we post updates throughout the season. We’ll also be posting photos from our pilgrimage to the Holy Land in February, 2023, sponsored by the Bon Secours Associates.)

In the meantime, here’s a note from our Vocations Director, Sr. Fran Gorsuch. Let us know if you want to subscribe to her newsletter! Email : [email protected]

Dear Friends,
There is so much we wait for: news of the health of a loved one, a new job, birth
of a baby,loss (or gain) of a few pounds, discernment of a vocation, peace in our
families and our world….
There is one thing that is already here, and yet we are asked to wait again: The birth
of LOVE into our lives and world, Jesus, who has come, asks to be re-born
every day through us!
Advent  is one way of reminding ourselves of the gifts of God’s love, and of our own
opportunity to re-birth love into the world.
Let’s pray for each other during these days of “waiting” and of “birthing”!
With blessings and love,
Your sister,