Associates & Sisters Support Clean Water in Peru

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Peru-Water with Blessings-Oct-Nov 2014 266

Sr. Fran Gorsuch, CBS and Amy Kulesa, Director of Associates in the United States, traveled to Peru in late October to initiate a program called Water with Blessings, in Huancayo, Peru.  The project aims to provide families with small household water filters that filter out 99.9% of biological contaminants in the local water supply.  Fifteen women from the local community came to the class, were trained, and commissioned as “Water Women.”  They will work with the Peruvian Sisters of Bon Secours to train more women so that more families in one of the poorest sectors of Huancayo can have clean drinking and bathing water.  This is a concrete way the Sisters and Associates of Bon Secours can live out the Sisters’ recent Cooperative Water Statement, which commits to action on behalf of people without potable water to help provide such and lobby for initiatives supporting water rights around the world.  Learn more about Water with Blessings at