Honoring our Foundress, Mère Josephine Potel

Monday, May 7, 2018

Today we recall the anniversary of the death of our founder, Josephine Potel.

In her short two years as leader and inspiration of ‘’Good help to those in need’’ she began the health care mission that serves to this day and has expanded beyond the imagination of those first sisters.

She and her sisters would work in the midst of and close to the disinherited of this world and those of greater means, and she would speak to others of God by the living sermon of her example and selflessness.

The first Sisters of Bon Secours braved public opinion and dedicated themselves in the world to the care of the sick; where their only safe guard would be their modesty and where God alone would oversee their actions.

We pray to Josephine to open our hearts, enlighten our minds, and support our efforts to be radically available as we strive to address and alleviate the poverty and illnesses that ravage our world today.

When she died there were 48 professed Sisters and 20 Novices to continue the ‘’Good Help’’ she initiated. We implore you, Josephine to encourage us to believe, hope, pray for and work toward enabling many women to follow and serve the Healing Mission of Jesus as Sisters of Bon Secours.