Lifetime Commitment in Richmond

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ursula commitment w Kerns IMG_3896

Ursula Ardy, of Richmond, VA, made her Lifetime Commitment on April 7, 2015, in a celebration with her local Associate community.  Witnessed by Sr. Vicky Segura and Director of Associates, Amy Kulesa, she was supported in love by those she has journeyed with for many years in the Richmond local group.

Originally, from England, and living some time in Canada, Ursula settled in the U.S., and has been a Richmond resident for many years.  Active in bereavement ministry, she recently completed a national certification program to offer specialized healing workshop/retreats for the grieving.  She is a great example of what being Bon Secours, Good Help, means!

Richmond group April 2015 IMG_3897 (2)