Follow Your Passion!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My year of service had a significant impact on my decision to go into the field of nursing and to complete an accelerated nursing program. I began college knowing that I wanted to go into medicine, because I was really interested in science. I also knew that working as a clinician would put me in a position to help others and to make a difference in their health-related experiences. As time went on, I realized that my true interest in healthcare was holistic and patient-centered, rather than disease focused. I had never considered going into nursing, but once I was exposed to the field, and saw that the nursing philosophy of care fell perfectly in line with my own philosophy of care, I knew this was the professional direction I was meant to take.

Through my BSVM position with the Tele-Heart Program and the general exposure that I had to community and public health during my time in Baltimore, my eyes were opened to the need for holistic, compassionate care in our communities, and for a focus on health promotion and disease prevention. During a year of working alongside a fantastic nurse, Joe Ann Murphy (my BSVM Site Supervisor), I learned that, as a nurse, I would be able to impact communities and individuals in ways that fell in line with my personal values and in ways that are much needed.

I am so grateful for all the nurses who have inspired and encouraged me to go into this wonderful and rewarding field!

~ Meghan Krueger BSVM 2014-2015