On Enjoying Small Things (Video Blog)

Friday, July 29, 2022

We asked Mikayla Haefele (BSVM 2020-2021) what piece of advice she’d give to herself (in the past) or any future Ministry Volunteers. Check out her answer here (transcript below):

Mikayla: “One piece I would have for myself at the beginning of my service year would be to remember to enjoy the little things. I think so much of the joy of this year I’ve found has been in a lot of the smaller interactions: a student asking me what I did over the weekend, and then being able to joke about a movie that we both saw; or late night conversations with community members; or jokes shared over dinner; quoting vines — the things that make me feel like I’m connected to other people. It’s really easy when you’re in the thick of service and wanting to just do your best work to kind of forget that you’re human and you enjoy those small things, and so I think my advice would be to take a lot of joy in those small things.”