On Vulnerability (Video Blog)

Friday, August 19, 2022

We asked Destiny Cates (BSVM 2020-2021) what piece of advice she’d give any future Ministry Volunteers. Check out her answer here (transcript below):

Destiny: “If I could give my pre-service self one piece of advice it would be that vulnerability is scary but it works. I feel like recently I’ve received that affirmation from community members and from self-reflection of the power in your own storytelling, the power in your own experiences, and the value that that can add to a community and to a service experience. Coming with all of that and being willing to be vulnerable about it – because that also breeds vulnerability in your environment. So I feel like we always need more of that, and yeah, it took a while for me to get to that point where I was willing to be as vulnerable as I feel like I am now, and so I would tell myself that it works and it makes for a richer community.”