On Why BSVM? (Video Blog)

Friday, September 23, 2022

We asked Brion Harris (BSVM 2020-2021) why he chose BSVM. Hear his response on why he was drawn to our small tight-knit community in the video (or read the transcript below):

Brion: “I remember meeting the recruiter at a conference almost two years ago. One of the things that both interested me and sort of got me thinking about service was just our conversation. They expressed their own academic journey and what got them involved in service, and I was expressing to them where I was in life, and thinking you know – going to grad school or doing a year of service, how I enjoyed doing service in college. They had mentioned the small-knit community that they both lived in and the small– alumni, how tight those folks were. That stuck in my mind from that initial meeting. I think everything from the initial interview to walking the whole way through — every person in the staff is willing to get to know you, they’re working with you, and very accommodating and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your year.”