Spring Intentions against Injustice

Friday, May 26, 2023

In a year of service and spiritual formation, Ministry Volunteers and BSVM staff meet weekly to discuss common texts (from books, articles, podcasts, documentaries, etc.) that weave together topics related to our program pillars. Together, we bring our lived experiences, our stories from our ministry placements, fruit from our prayer practices, and thoughts that arose in reading/ watching/ listening to the text, and we listen carefully, share deeply, and allow various perspectives to shape our understanding.

At times throughout the year, Ministry Volunteers are asked to respond to particular texts by co-creating Intentions to bring to our communal prayer times. Below are excerpts from two morning reflections that our current Ministry Volunteers wrote together to respond to two different documentaries that addressed the wounds of racism and the disparities that exist in social determinants of health.

Intentions after Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

We pray for all those born into geographies and environments that will unjustly affect them in life, may your justice prevail and all places become equitable. We pray to the Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer

We pray for families that are struggling to keep strong ties because of competing values in American culture that often bring them away from their family system. We pray to the Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer

We pray against all forms of systemic racism, classism, and crony capitalism, all of which have contributed to the prolonging of racial and socioeconomic health disparities in our country. Lord, may we as a nation repent of these societal injustices as we draw closer to you. We pray to the Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer

For all those grieving the lives of family members lost early because of poverty and violence, may your presence comfort them in their sadness. We pray to the Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer

We pray for communities both displaced and severely impacted by militarism and unjust practices. May they be supported in facing resulting health, social, and climate crises, and may the responsible parties acknowledge the harm they have caused, turning to focus on positive action with and in these communities.
Lord, hear our prayer

Intentions after Race: The Power of An Illusion

For all those who have dedicated their lives to fighting social injustice and loosening the yoke of oppression, may they be strengthened by the Holy Spirit in their pursuit.

For all those who have been given the gift of education, especially those in the field of medicine, may your Spirit continue to enlighten them and protect them from the darkness of racial biases and prejudices.

For all victims of gun violence, especially those who suffer from the pain of loss, may God’s love support and heal their hearts as they grieve and miss their loved ones.

For those who suffer disproportionately from police brutality, may the Spirit of God inspire peace and mercy in the hearts of all involved.

For all those who arrive on our borders seeking a better life, may we remember your call to welcome the stranger, recognizing You in them.

For those who continually suffer from the effects of poverty and racism, may your Spirit inspire in them a hunger and thirst for righteousness and a strong hope in the coming of your kingdom.

Ministry Volunteers and BSVM staff meet weekly to pray and reflect together