Sisters of Bon Secours Hiring Ministry Volunteer Recruiter

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Sisters of Bon Secours, USA is seeking a Ministry Volunteer Recruiter.  The Volunteer Recruiter will support Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry (BSVM), located in Baltimore and Marriottsville, Maryland. This position is responsible for recruiting volunteers for the BSVM program and will report to the program manager.  This is a 32- hours-per-week, full-time position and requires extensive travel (as much as 75%).  The recruiter will initiate, build, and maintain relationships with students and staff at a variety of universities across the United States.  Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree; successful completion of, at least, one year volunteer service; excellent communication skills, both written and oral; demonstrated maturity and professionalism with the ability to work independently; and experience networking.  Qualified candidates should click here to apply on the Sisters of Bon Secours, USA, website.