Monday, December 17, 2018

We’re in the 3rd week of Advent, Christmas Eve is a week away, and vacation (at least a few days of it) for many of us is just around the corner. I am sure all of you finished your shopping, wrapping, and sending weeks ago, and are just relaxing each night by the fire in perfectly decorated and clean homes just like in the Hallmark movies we all love. Or maybe not; either way, we hope that you will be able to put all of that aside for at least a few moments over the next few weeks to enter fully into the Christmas event — of God’s ultimate act of compassion, in becoming human.

Knowing you, that’s not a big ask — you are in a league of champions when it comes to prayer. But because you know the meaning of Christmas so well, here is the bigger ask — please share what it means to you that Jesus was born with someone else over the next couple of weeks. We have to share the story. We have to share why it touches our hearts. So please keep baking tons of cookies, give lots of gifts, wear ugly sweaters, blast Christmas music around the house and in the car, go to the parties, and of course, make the time for church services with your loved ones. But also, please have a quiet conversation with someone, speaking from your soul, about the meaning of Emmanuel, God-With-Us. It might just be the best way to be good help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Nick Stein