Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Each year I try to schedule some time in a silent retreat. I select a location surrounded by nature where I have the opportunity to connect with my inner self and spend some “alone time” with God.

One year, I brought a great deal of emotional baggage into the silence. I was on the third day of a seven day retreat. It was a beautiful morning on the eve of spring. I had just left the chapel at the retreat center and was walking aimlessly up a rather steep hill. To my left was a tranquil lake with a tiny boat dock and to my right was a grassy field with a back drop of large trees. My thoughts were scattered and unfocused. I had some tough decisions I was wrestling with. As I struggled with my thoughts I found myself praying “God, you know how sad I feel right now. It would really help if I could see just one robin as a sign of hope and renewal”.

I continued on, walking over to the shore of the lake for awhile. When I turned to return to my cottage, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There to my right were robins as far as the eye could see gathered in the field! They were in complete harmony with one another each happily feasting on the land. I stood there inhaling this awesome moment with a deep love and gratitude for our generous Savior whose love for us is beyond all measure.