Friday, June 10, 2016

June 18th is the one year anniversary of the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si.

The document was received with enthusiasm and contains a treasure chest of information to help keep people safe and supported throughout the globe. There are summaries and guides available on line as well that focus on each chapter of the encyclical . Two of them that may prove helpful to you are: http://ncronline.org/blogs/faith-and-justice/readers-guide-laudato-si and http://thetablet.org/laudato-si-study-guide-chapter-one/

Within the document the Pope calls on all people of faith to engage with one another in saving our planet and protecting the lives of the poor and others made vulnerable by a lack of regard for human life. He discusses the impact of climate change, global warming, mining and carbon intensive economies on the natural world and human life. He reminds us of our duty to protect the poor and provide them safe environments with clean water, safe farm lands and adequate health care. He encourages international agreements to assist in correcting environmental harm. He implores us to band together to stop human trafficking.

Over this past year catholic people of faith responded to the Pope’s call partnering with one another to aid in improving our environment. Catholic dioceses, parishes and religious orders responded as groups. Many people including young adults responded as individuals. Fourteen major groups within the Catholic Church including the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious joined together to form an alliance for change.

Today the members of the alliance, which include the Sisters of Bon Secours as members of LCWR, are reaching out to you as we begin this second year of Laudato Si’. In celebration of the anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical we invite you to share how the Pope has inspired you to act on behalf of creation and the poor!! Visit their website now and join in their social media campaign. You are sure to have some fun!