Promoting Ecological Health

“Let us be protectors of God’s creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and the environment.” – Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Congregation of Bon Secours Corporate Statement on Water

We, Sisters of Bon Secours and Bon Secours Associates throughout the world AFFIRM:

  • Water is a sacred gift that connects all life.
  • Access to clean water is a basic human right.
  • The value of the earth’s freshwater to the common good takes priority over any possible commercial value.
  • Freshwater is a shared legacy, a public trust and a collective responsibility.

WE SUPPORT actions and policies that:

  • Ensure universal access to sufficient, affordable, safe water for all people, especially the most vulnerable.
  • Protect freshwater as a sustainable, renewable resource.
  • Implement the objectives of the UN Millennium Goals and Rio + 20 commitments on water.

We OPPOSE actions and policies that:

  • Endanger the world’s supply of freshwater.
  • Deprive humans and other species access to adequate, safe water essential for life.
  • Favor the privatization of water as a commodity to be bought and sold for profit when in reality it is a heritage we all hold in common.

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